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BNP is divided into three parts in Munshiganj

News Desk: Munshiganj district BNP has divided into three parts ahead of the 11th national parliamentary election. This party is scattered because of internal disagreements and collision.

Multiple leaders of BNP informed Bangla News Post that, proved and dedicated leaders have no place in Munshiganj district BNP. It has been grabbed by the industrialists and businessmen. They are more involved to grow their business rather than spending time at the party office. This is why they are suffering.

Multiple sources of district BNP has informed that, since Munshiganj district BNP is divided into three parts, one of them is led by District BNP President Md. Abdul Hai and Treasurer of Central BNP industrialist Mizanur Rahman Sinha. Other two divisions are led by Standing Committee Member and former minister M Shamsul Islam and Central BNP Vice Chairman Moajjem Hossain. But the whole district is controlled by the first division which was mentioned earlier. Abdul Hai and Mizanur Rahman totally ignores Moajjem Hossain. On the other hand, Moajjem Hossain totally ignores the decisions of former minister M Shamsul Islam.

President of Munshiganj district BNP Abdul Hai said, “I am working relentlessly for the survival of BNP. M Shamsul Islam and Central BNP Vice Chairman Shah Moajjem Hossain is creating problem for me. They have ruined Munshiganj district BNP. So, it would be wise to ignore them.”

But former minister M Shamsul Islam looked at it from a different point of view. He said, “Internal disagreement is not the problem. Citizens of Munshiganj are in our favor. So, Abdul Hai’s opinion does not make any difference. Abdul Hai did not develop Munshiganj. It was me who did it while I was the minister.”

After analyzing current scenario, it can be said that, Munshiganj BNP is falling apart as an organization. Political analysts are thinking that, this small issue might turn into a bigger problem as the election is getting closer.

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