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BNP is thinking about boycotting the election; cancelling nomination will be their excuse

News Desk: Number of BNP aspirants’ nominations have been revoked because of corruption and for being defaulters. There are lots of other reasons as well. A reliable source informed that, BNP is now thinking of boycotting the election. Already Coordinator of 20 Party Alliances and Chairman of LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) Colonel (Retired) Oli has declared to boycott the election. Political analysts are saying that, if BNP is thinking about boycotting the election because of some corrupted person and defaulters then it will be like they are politically defeated. BNP should think twice before taking any decision regarding this.

It has been informed that, 26 nominations of BNP and Oikko Front have cancelled so far. All of them were either corrupted or cases are ongoing about their corruption.

According to the source of Election Commission, nominations of some candidates have been revoked. They are, BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, Chairman of Gabtoli Upazilla Council Morshed Milton, Executive Committee member of Central BNP and Chairman of Nawabganj Upazilla Council Khandaker Abu Ashfaq from Dhaka-1 constituency (Dohar-Nawabganj), former MP (Member of Parliament) Fahima Hossain Jublee, General Secretary of district BNP Moinul Islam Khan from Manikganj-2 constituency (Singair, Harirampur and 3 Unions), Singair Upazilla Chairman Abidur Rahman Khan, Chairman of Sarishabari Upazilla Council Md. Faridul Kabir Talukder from Jamalpur-4 constituency (Sarishabari), former MP Solaiman Alam Fakir from Rangpur-5 constituency (Mithapukur), member of district BNP Mamtaj Hossain, Sarder Nasiruddin from Shariatpur-1 constituency and so on.

Source also informed that, BNP is trying to find out a way to get out of it but apparently they cannot. There is a scarcity of candidates. So, the policy and decision makers of BNP are getting frustrated day by day. They cannot even take any step about these candidates because of the constitution. Because, the reasons are not illegal behind the cancellation of their nominations. For this reason, BNP is thinking that boycotting the election can be the only viable way.

Though, there is a risk that if BNP boycott the election then according to the constitution their registration can be cancelled. Because, according to the constitution, if a political party is reluctant to participate on the parliamentary election then their registration can be revoked.

Meanwhile, political analysts are saying that, BNP might think about utilizing this factor of boycotting the election. Political analyst Mohammad A Arafat said, “If BNP boycotts the election then they will try to get the power by any mean. Because, there registration will be revoked. So, personally I think that, if BNP decides to boycott the election then they will try to form the government by hook or by crook.”

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