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Dr. Kamal prepared a list of candidates for 100 seats

News Desk: Jatiyo Oikko Front attended a political dialogue with the government on 1st November. He is considering that, they have made quite an appearance on the political arena of Bangladesh. In this regard, Dr. Kamal is completely ignoring the demands demanded by BNP and he is already preparing for the election. A source from Dr. Kamal’s Motijheel chamber informed that, BNP’s demands are contradictory to the constitution. So, Dr. Kamal is going to show his gratitude to the constitution and he is already preparing 100 candidates for the election.

Source informed that, A S M Abdur Rob and Mahmudur Rahman Manna visited Dr. Kamal in his chamber on 3rd November. They discussed about the possibilities and success of the dialogue held on 1st November. During their discussion, Rob asked to Dr. Kamal about the thoughts of BNP regarding the election. Dr. Kamal replied to his question by saying, “The main intention of Oikko Front was to understand the thoughts of the government about the election through this dialogue. Their thoughts have been judged. Government will not arrange an election which is contradictory to the constitution. So, it is unnecessary to ask them about the election. BNP was unable to understand their tone. It was their fault. Khaleda Zia has been jailed for corruption. Government cannot do anything about it. It totally depends on the decision of the court. Government gave us a hint to take preparation for the election. So, Oikko Front will have to think from a broader perspective than thinking about the freedom of Begum Zia.”

Meanwhile, Mahmudur Rahman Manna advised that, it would be treacherous if they take preparation for the election and ignores BNP’s demand. Manna’s advice angered Dr. Kamal. He said that, BNP is atoning for their crimes. Then he added, “Corruption is not legal. Khaleda Zia is in the prison for corrupting the fund. It is not linked with being sad or boycotting the election. So, it will be a foolish move to be stubborn about Khaleda Zia’s freedom and boycotting the election. Oikko Front will not wait for BNP. We have prepared our ground for the election. So, I think that, participating on the election is our constitutional responsibility. If BNP does not agree with it, then we will participate on the election without them. I have already prepared a list of 100 candidates for the election. Please stay with me and you will be benefitted. I want to set an example in the political field of Bangladesh.”

Meanwhile, political analysts are saying that, Jatiyo Oikko Front has used the image of BNP and then they joined in the political dialogue. Only Dr. Kamal, Rob and Manna were benefitted by this political dialogue. On the other hand BNP was just being stubborn to hold onto some illogical demands, which made them pay to get the support from the government. So, everything went on the favor of Dr. Kamal and his associates. On the other hand, BNP might go backward and lose the support of the people because of their stubbornness. If Dr. Kamal participate on the election without BNP then it is quite possible that their existence will face extinction.

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