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Information leaked: Dawood Ibrahim was going to kill Dr. Kamal, Tarique Rahman was behind the curtain

News desk: Government turned into an immovable object and denied to do anything to free Khaleda Zia during the political dialogue. Because of this, Tarique Rahman was scared of losing the election. Thus, he planned to kill Dr. Kamal Hossain of Jatiyo Oikko Front. It is to be noted that, Tarique Rahman is living in London as a fugitive. Recently, he sought assistance from Dawood Ibrahim to execute his plan. Currently Dawood Ibrahim is living in Dubai.

Tarique Rahman wants to create an unstable situation in the country just before the election and he asked Dawood Ibrahim to appoint his men to finish Dr. Kamal. By killing Dr. Kamal BNP leader Tarique Rahman is planning to put pressure on the government. This information has been verified when law enforcement agencies caught 3 mercenaries who came from Dubai. In truth, intelligence agency of Bangladesh kept few persons under their surveillance after they entered in Bangladesh a week ago. Sources from the law enforcement agencies informed that, they were informed by the intelligence agency. Intelligence agency informed them that, these persons are up to something dangerous and law enforcement agencies should arrest them immediately.

Law enforcement agencies informed that, 3 Pakistani origin individuals who lived in Dubai was caught on 5th November from a house at Nazimuddin Road in Old Dhaka. Police seized 3 pistols, bullets, 3 high-tech tracking devices and 3 pictures of Dr. Kamal. Arrested individuals are Zadran Malik, Maulana Hakim and Najibullah Galib. Law enforcement agencies were very surprised to see the tracking devices; because it was never seen in Bangladesh before. Source informed that, they came in Bangladesh a week ago to execute their mission and accommodated themselves in a house in Nazimuddin Road.

Zadran Malik is the leader of this group and he disclosed some important information during primary interrogation. He said that, they were to join with Five Star Group in Bangladesh and would kill Dr. Kamal with their help.

He also informed that, Dawood Ibrahim instructed them to execute this mission at any cost. Local Five Star Group would help them to execute it. If Dr. Kamal is killed then, Tarique Rahman will be benefitted. It is to be noted that, Tarique Rahman is a friend of Dawood Ibrahim. If Dr. Kamal is killed then Tarique Rahman will be able to put international pressure on the government. This is why, Tarique Rahman asked for Dawood Ibrahim’s help. He also paid him 1 million USD to complete the mission. But Tarique Rahman gave a condition which stated that, the killers cannot seek help from any leader from BNP and Jamayat. This is why, they contacted with Five Star Group to help them so that they can complete their mission. They were following Dr. Kamal for few days to find a suitable place to kill him. They wanted to kill him on 6th November on his way back from the program. If the mission was implemented then BNP could blame the government. Tarique Rahman wanted to free Khaleda Zia by sacrificing Dr. Kamal. Tarique Rahman wanted to gain benefits through a political killing. Then again Dr. Kamal became a problem for BNP. That is why he wanted to solve this problem by eliminating him. He wanted to overthrow the government by putting them in a very bad situation.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies became very concerned after this. If a personality like Dr. Kamal was killed then it would destroy everything. The whole country would shake like 2014. For this reason, law enforcement agencies have already taken initiative to provide security to the senior politicians. Now law enforcement agencies are emphasizing on security of the nation so that no political killing occurs and the election can be conducted peacefully. The arrested criminals informed that, there is a possibility that two other local groups of terrorists are involved with the same mission. But law enforcement agencies are clueless about them. They have informed that, individuals who are entering in Bangladesh from Middle Eastern countries are under their surveillance.

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